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Small gold easels; Brass display stands


➳ These mini gold plated easels are perfect for propping up any party decor - use them for agate slices, signs, etc. Made from lightweight metal, they are slightly adjustable but sturdy enough to hold up heavier pieces. Light gold tone. Great for weddings and special events.

➳ Size: Available in 2" and 4" heights. My recommendation is to get a size that is slightly smaller than the item you are trying to display so that the back of the stand will not peek out from behind your item. The width is 2.5" for all 3 sizes.

➳ Photos shown are a representation of how they can be used. The agate slices / table numbers can be purchased from my shop separately. The 4" agate signs use the 2" stand. The marble hexagon signs and 6" agate table numbers and use the 4" stand.