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Blue agate geode table number


➳ HelloPosh agate table numbers are made from high quality Brazilian agate bookends. Each piece is unique and full of life and color. These are the perfect table numbers for your next party or wedding! After the event, these can be used as bookends.

➳ Size: Height measures around 6" tall, shape of each one is unique. These are larger and taller than most agate "bookends" you will find on the market. Specially cut to stand tall as table numbers. Each piece is natural so patterns, colors, and sizes may vary. Back and sides are natural and UNPLATED.

➳ Agate color: Currently available only in BLUE. If another color is needed, they can be custom created, but lead time is 2-3 months. Please plan in advance.

➳ Ink colors available: Black, Gold, Silver, White

PRICING to purchase : $40 / piece ($80 for a set)

PRICING to rent (Southern CA only): $15/piece

*Please note that due to the weight of these stones, they may be expensive to ship

each custom order takes around 2-3 weeks so message me as soon as possible to get your order started. I will work with you to ensure timely delivery of your pieces.