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Blue Agate Coaster Set


➳ HelloPosh agate coasters are created from high quality agate slices, electroplated with either silver or gold. Absolutely lovely to add a touch of posh to your home.

➳ You will receive a SIMILAR set as in the photos. Blue agate ranges from dark navy to royal blue, with white and sky blue crystalline designs and marbling. Patterns will vary, but rest assured each coaster is hand selected to be top quality. See sample photos to get an idea of what they may look like. 

➳ Size: on average ~4" in diameter and 1/4" thick. Generous size for drinking glasses. 

➳ Your set of FOUR coasters will arrive wrapped in ribbon ready for gift giving. Each coaster comes with small, clear rubber feet on the bottoms to keep the agate slices from sliding or scratching surfaces.