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Wedding Envelope Modern Calligraphy


Invite your guests to your special event with envelope addresses lettered by hand with a nib & ink.


1. First and last names that in a flowy font, with swashes that extend the length of the envelope. Address written underneath in block font.

2. First name written in block font, last name written in modern script font. Address written underneath in block font.

3. First name written in modern script font, last name written in block font. Address written underneath in either script or block font.

4. Names written in a curvy manner over the address written in block font.


How to order:

Please do NOT purchase this listing. Instead send me a message me with the following details:

1. Envelope type and quantity to be addressed (Ex. 30 outer envelopes, 30 reply envelopes, 30 outer return addresses, 30 reply return addresses)

2. Ink Color (black, white, gold, silver) - special custom colors will be extra

3. Whether you will be sending me the envelopes or if you'd like me to source them for you.

4. Email address

5. Shipping address

Once I have all the details, I will send you a custom listing for you to purchase with the finalized details.

If mailing me your envelopes, please send +20% surplus. You will also provide the guest list formatted EXACTLY as you want them to appear on your envelopes.

Standard turnaround time is 2-3 weeks after receipt of envelopes. Orders will be shipped back to you via Prioirty mail.


*Pricing is as follows:

Outer envelope $3
Inner envelope (One line of just guest names & no address) $1.00
Return address (written on envelope flap) $2.00
Reply envelope address $2.00

* Quoted prices are for calligraphy only - does not include the envelopes which you will send me, or I can source for you.